Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth are the teeth lastly erupting in the mouth. They are called wisdom teeth or twenty-year teeth because they erupt post-adolescently. These wisdom teeth are also called 3rd largest molar teeth. They take place in the mouth between 18 and 24 year-ages. However, they do not erupt until older ages or remain embedded. Some people has 4 wisdom teeth and, they may never appear in rare cases. Most of the time, there is no sufficient place in the mouth for the wisdom teeth to erupt so that many wisdom teeth remain embedded or half of them erupt in the mouth. If these teeth are embedded, then it is better that a maxillofacial surgeon trained in this respect extract them.

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In Which Cases Should The Wisdom Teeth Be Extracted?

It may be necessary to extract the wisdom teeth due to decays, pericoronitis, pressure pain because of lack of space, cyst formation and for some other orthodontic reasons.

What Are The Procedures That Should Be Followed After The Extraction Of A Wisdom Tooth?

A buffer is applied on the location where the tooth has been extracted to top bleeding. Therefore, one needs to bite the buffer for half an hour and avoid frequent spitting. And also, one should avoid hot food and drinks as well as smoking and alcohol consumption for 24 hours. During the night after the tooth has been extracted, a higher cushion should be used and, aspirin and similar medicines should not be used as pain killers. In case of a surgical extraction or a problematic extraction, ice should be applied on the location, where the tooth has been extracted. Avoid applying the ice directly on the skin.

What Should Be Considered After The Tooth Extraction?

In case after the tooth extraction you suffer from high fever, ceaseless bleeding, unpleasant smell, painful rashes and/or swelling, then you should forthwith consult your dentist. . Is the complaints such as blood mixed with spitting, swelling and difficulty in opening your mouth 4-5 days after the tooth extract, you should forthwith contact your dentist.

What Are The Reasons That Make It Harder To Extract The Wisdom Teeth?

  • Obesity,
  • High level of bone density,
  • Dilacerated tooth roots,
  • Severe retching reflex,
  • Position of inferior alveolar channel,
  • Old age,
  • Root apexes of the lower third molar inside the cortical bone,
  • Insufficient effect of anesthesia,
  • Atrophic mandibular bones,
  • Limited access to the operation site.
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