All On Four

All-on-4 | Dent Smile
Treatment: All on Four
All-on-4 | Dent Smile
Duration: 1-3 Days
All-on-4 | Dent Smile
All-on-4 | Dent Smile
  • Straumann(Switzerland)
  • Nobel (Sweden)
  • Hiossen (USA)
All-on-4 | Dent Smile
  • Straumann   : Life Time
  • Nobel           : Life Time
  • Hiossen       : 15 Years
All-on-4 | Dent Smile
  • Bone density and amount should be suitable (if not a bone graft application is performed)
All-on-4 | Dent Smile
  • A form of therapy with high success rate.
  • Helps to prevent bone loss.
  • Treatment and healing process are short and painless.
  • Because the implant and prosthesis are performed on the same day,the patient does not have much distress.
  • Ensures improvement in speech and chewing functions.
  • Provides relief for patients who have difficulty in moving prosthesis.
  • The patient's self-confidence increases with its aesthetic contribution.

What Is The All on Four Treatment?

The All on Four Treatment is a technique that is applied for the patients who are not able to use prosthesis due to excessive bone loss and, that enables these patients to have and use temporary dentures within one day. Osteoporosis is in general less severe in the front area.

All-on-4 | Dent Smile
All-on-4 | Dent Smile

This is a treatment approach that rehabilitate the total toothless patients by means of only 4 implants on each jaw within a procedure that is quickly applied. This technique keeps the jaw bones health and prevents further osteoporosis. This All on Four Technique is a fast and reliable alternative also for those who wish to have implants but have not sufficient amount of bone density, resulting in a natural appearance.

What Are The Advantages Of The All On Four Treatment?

  • It is a short treatment approach tolerable by the patient by means of eliminating the bone grafting that is an invasive and expensive treatment that takes longer to be completed. Full oral rehabilitation takes about 2 hours.
  • It is an ideal treatment choice for the patients with diabetes, osteoporosis or other health problems, for which bone grafting is a contraindication.
  • It provides great convenience to the patient since it takes one day to place a temporary fixed denture. Conventional techniques, on the other hand, include more than one operations and, it may take more than one year.
  • Since the number of implants is less, the cost is less than the classic implant treatment.
  • It is applied with a plan that is specially designed for the respective patient. Thus, it provide a more aesthetic smile design.
  • It is easier to be cleaned compared to the classic implant treatment.

What Should Be Done After The All On Four Treatment?

The patients should regularly take their medicines and avoid hot meals for a few days. During the temporary denture periods after the placement of implants with the All on Four Treatment, the patients must avoid solid food. The patients must have a regime containing only soft food. This is because it is intended to minimize the load on the tooth implants. With the fixed prosthesis that will be placed 3 months after the commencement of the operation, they may start their routine food regime.

Is The All On Four Procedure A Successful One?

Research shows that the All on Four procedure is a treatment method with a high success rate as proven in the long term follow-ups.

All-on-4 | Dent Smile

All-on-4 | Dent Smile


We use the most exclusive and the highest quality brands those are FDA approved. You can be sure that you will use them for a life time. Thanks to the high-tech devices and especially 3D Tomography we minimized the error rate to zero. It is called «one visit dentistry» and this technic has the highest accuracy.


We offer a LIFE TIME warranty on some of our implant brands on the conditions below:

  • follow your dentist’s intructions after the treatment
  • take regular dental check-up and tooth cleaning (at least once in 6 months)
  • clean your temporary dentures regularly



After you contact us we begin examination of your X-ray and photos/videos of your teeth. We arrange the treatment plan and share with you the detailed treatment procedure.


Patients who are scheduled for All-On-Four treatment should first undergo a detailed clinical and radiological examination. Computed tomography (CT) measurements are used to make an appropriate planning for the patient. The All On Four procedure consists of two stages: surgical and dental prosthesis. On the day of treatment, after placing 4 dental implants in accordance with the planning for the patient, the temporary dental prosthesis is fixed on the dental implants on the same day. After 3 months, permanent dentures are applied to the patient.


In a really short time you can be healed by using non-surgical implant technic and of course by considering your doctor’s advices. By using no suture you will be so comfortable and healing time will be dramatically short.

Controls / Advices

Regularly you should take your medicines and avoid hot meals for a few days. While using the temporary denture in the first 3 months, you should prefer soft foods because within this period load on the implants must be minimized.

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