Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

A canal treatment is the process to clean, disinfect and cover with canal filling materials the infected nerves in the tooth canals due to the fact that the nerves and veins in the tooth becomes no longer alive because of cracks and fractures on the tooth, decays occurring in the tooth, wrong treatment procedures and, wrong restorations.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Canal Treatment

How Is The Canal Treatment Applied?

The treatment starts with local anesthesia to avoid pain. The decay is cleaned and, the broken part is removed with the help of sterilized and precise tools. This helps the dentist reach the tooth nerves. The nerves and tissues in the tooth root are removed. This helps the dentist to shape the tooth root up to the root apex. As a result of this canal shaping that may take one or a few sessions, the canal is covered by special filing materials up to the root apex.

How Many Sessions Are Required To Complete The Canal Treatment?

A single session may be sufficient or a treatment that consists of a few sessions may be required depending on the tooth condition.

How Should The Canal Be Protected In Case Of A Treatment That Consists Of More Than One Session?

Dressing is applied, which heals the root and the root apex.

What Should Be Taken Into Consideration During The Canal Treatment?

You should avoid eating and drinking until the effect of anesthesia goes down. You should avoid dried nuts and similar hard-solid food as well as chewing gums and similar food in the area where the teeth for which a canal treatment has been applied is located, during the treatment. Tooth fractures frequently happen between the sessions. You should act carefully to avoid falling the temporary filling between the treatment sessions.

Is There Any Pain Felt After The Canal Treatment?

There may a slight pain and sensitivity in the pain, especially when chewing, after the treatment.

What Is The Indication Of An Unsuccessful Canal Treatment?

Pain in the teeth when eating, a spontaneous ache, swelling and rashes on the root apex are among the indications of an unsuccessful canal treatment. A root canal treatment is considered unsuccessful if there are nerve tissues not removed during the treatment, if the microorganism have penetrated since the root canal filling and the upper filling had not been sufficiently applied and, if there are perforation and fractures that occur during the treatment.

What Is The Repetition Of A Canal Treatment?

In case of an unsuccessful treatment, the treatment is repeated. The success rate of a canal treatment is between 90 and 95% if performed properly and under sterilized conditions.

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