Ceramic (Porcelain) Fillings Inlay / Onlay

Ceramic (Porcelain) Fillings Inlay / Onlay

Ceramic (Porcelain) Fillings (Inlay-Onlay)

Ceramic fillings (inlay / onlay): It is a type of filling that restores the loss of substance occurring in the teeth to complete only the missing parts of the tooth due to factors such as dental caries, canal treatment or trauma. Inlay or onlay ceramic fillings are used when there is not enough tooth structure to support normal composite fillings and the tooth is not damaged to the extent that it must be covered with crown.

In cases of canal treatment or highly decayed teeth, after caries are cleaned, insufficient solid tooth tissue remains. This makes it impossible to contact neighboring teeth. If there is no contact point with neighboring teeth, the foods you eat easily accumulate between them and cause problems in tooth tissue and gums. Thanks to Inlay Onlay ceramic fillings, the remaining healthy tissues of the tooth are protected and a perfect contact is established with neighboring teeth, preventing nutrient accumulation between the teeth.

Ceramic (Porcelain) Fillings Inlay / Onlay | Dent Smile

What Are The Advantages Of Inlay / Onlay?

  • It is an aesthetic and restoration system that can maintain its durability for many years.
  • The chewing surface and interface surfaces of the porcelain filling are perfectly polished, preventing bacterial retention and stain formation.
  • It eliminates the necessity of abrading and bridging natural teeth.
  • Since porcelain filling is prepared in a laboratory environment, they imitate the missing contours of the tooth and the contact points with the neighboring teeth anatomically very well, so there is no accumulation of nutrient residues between the teeth and the problems caused by this.
  • Since the chewing surfaces of porcelain fillers are prepared to mimic the anatomical chewing line of the tooth, they are superior to composite fillings in terms of chewing and grinding functions.
  • Since they establish a one-to-one and stress-free relationship with the tooth, porcelain fillings prevent cracking and breakage that may occur in the weak parts of the tooth.
  • It is the ideal solution for composite filling and amalgam filling fractures.

With traditional methods; Since inlay and onlay ceramic fillings are prepared in a laboratory environment, the patient must make an appointment at least twice.

In Dentsmile clinic, with the measurement taken using CEREC 3D Digital Scanning Systems (CAD / CAM), it can be prepared in 15 minutes in a single session as a full ceramic in the clinical environment and applied to our patient.

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