Dental Crowns | Dent Smile
Treatment: Crown
Dental Crowns | Dent Smile
Duration: 1 Day
Dental Crowns | Dent Smile
Dental Crowns | Dent Smile
  • e-MAX (1 hour)
  • Zirconium (3 hours)
  • Empress (feldspat) (1 hour)
  • Metal porcelain (4 days)
Dental Crowns | Dent Smile
Warranty: 3 years
Dental Crowns | Dent Smile
  • Anyone
Dental Crowns | Dent Smile
  • Strengthening teeth
  • Covering a dental implant
  • Attaching bridges
  • Enhancing appearance
  • Aesthetic look

What Is The Crown?

A crown is generally means that a cover or “cap” putting over a tooth and it uses for restores the tooth to its normal shape, size, and function. It makes the tooth stronger or improve it's looks.

Full Porcelains (Empress)

For the empress crowns, glass-supported reinforced porcelain is used instead of metal infrastructure. Since this core structure called empress deliver a perfect level of light transmittance, it is possible to have significantly aesthetic results. These are aesthetic applications that are resistant against mastication pressures and, reliable in a long term. Another feature of the empress crowns that they look significantly natural.

Dental Crowns | Dent Smile

What Types Of Teeth Are Suitable For The Empress Application?

Empress veneers may be applied for front incisor teeth, premolar teeth and the lack of teeth therein.

Dental Crowns | Dent Smile

What Are The Application Stages Of The Empress Porcelain Teeth?

First, the face and intraoral images of the patient are archived. The teeth are measured and a smile design suitable for the patient is identified. A demo image to show how it will look after the treatment is obtained with the help of a method called “mock-up”. By this means, the application is brought to the ideal position considering the requests of the patient. The teeth are abraded by ~2mm under local anesthesia in order to apply the approved smile design and, after the last measurement is taken, the patient data is sent to the laboratory; and during the same session, temporary restorations with the color of the original teeth of the patient are prepared using the method “mock-up”, which eliminates the risk of sensitivity and, allows the patient to go on with their social lives. The empresses sent by the laboratory are checked for the suitability and attached upon the approval of the patient.

Is There Any Allergy Risk From The Empress Application?

Since a special glass-supported porcelain is used as the infrastructure instead of metal, there is no allergic reaction risk at all. Porcelain is used as raw material for empress crowns that are one of the most suitable material for the human body.

What Are The Advantages Of The Application?

  • It delivers a natural look.
  • It provides high quality results in terms of aesthetics.
  • Since the color and surface structure of the empress crowns are controllable, the results are highly aesthetic and natural.
  • The level of retention delivered by the empress crowns are higher than that of the other crown types.
  • The surface of the empress crown is brighter than the alternatives. Thanks to this feature, it is significantly healthier in terms of gingival health.
  • It is highly resistant against abrasions.
  • It corrects the deformed shape and color of the teeth.
  • This procedure will make the patient feel younger since they will have the aesthetics and look they were looking for.

How Long Does The Empress Application Take?

It will be sufficient to attend sessions of 45 minutes each.

How Should The Teeth Be Cared After The Application?

It requires no extra practice other than daily oral and dental care. Daily practices such as tooth brushing, use of dental flosses and selection of dental flosses suitable for the bridges if any will prolong the life of the empresses as well as your natural teeth.

When Should One Start Eating After The Application?

Feel free to eat and drink after the empress teeth are permanently attached. The temperature difference and expansion coefficient of an empress is similar to that of a tooth. Since the harmony of the empress with the tooth is of a good level and, the bonding agent used for this procedure is not resolved within the mouth, there will no tooth tissue that is exposed, which ensures that there will be no cold and hot sensitivity.


Zirconium is a metal that is white and that has a light transmission. It has a high level of resistance against any pressure on it. It is tissue friendly material in terms of biology. Zirconium based porcelains do not provide only an aesthetic and natural look on fore teeth, but they are also currently the most preferred materials since they are resistant enough to be applied on back teeth. A zirconium crown that is a perfect infrastructure choice for those who have a metal allergy increase the quality of life by means of creating a natural and aesthetic look in the mouth.

Dental Crowns | Dent Smile


What Types Of Teeth Are Suitable For Zirconium Crowns?

It is possible to apply zirconium crowns on all teeth whether in the front or in the back.

Is There Any Allergy Risk Caused By The Zirconium Crowns?

It causes no allergy since it is biologically suitable. Some people may have an allergy to metals. In case of such people needing for dental veneers, a zirconium crown must be applied. Otherwise, there are some problems that may occur such as gingivitis, gingival recession, gingival bleeding, gingival swelling, rashes and some many other teeth and gingival disorders.

What Are The Application Stages Of The Zirconium Crowns?

Like in case of metal supported crowns, the tooth is abraded a little and, when the gingiva is back into a healthy position, a precise measurement is taken by means of special impression materials and trays suitable for use in the mouth. Abrasion is carried out under local anesthesia and then a temporary crown with the same color as the tooth is applied to avoid cold and hot sensitivity. A model is prepared based on the measurement and, a wax pattern is crated according to the model. This model is transferred to the computer environment with the help of an optic reader. Information obtained from the model is edited through the respective software. And the subsequent stage is that the model that has been prepared is transferred to a zirconium oxide block. A scraper is issued to abrade the zirconium block in a perfect position using the information obtained so that the finishing touches are applied to give the infrastructure of your teeth the final shape. After the oven drying stage, a ceramic porcelain with an appropriate color is attached to the zirconium infrastructures. Thanks to the zirconium oxide, a product of high technology supported by the computer and software, it is possible to successfully make strong and aesthetic crowns and restorations without using any metal.

What Are The Advantages Of The Application?

  • There is no cold or hot sensitivity
  • Causes no allergic reaction (fully compatible with the tissue)
  • Color is not matt or dull (non-opaque)
  • Perfect harmony with the gingiva
  • Hygienic (it has less retention of microorganisms on the surface)
  • Fully suitable for the body tissues and mouth tissues

What Is The Level Of Hot & Cold Interaction Of The Zirconium Crown?

Since it has a lesser thermal conductivity than other crowns, the zirconium crowns conduct a lesser amount of the heat. Thus, these crowns are not affected by hot and cold in the mouth and causes no tooth sensitivity.

Is The Color Of A Zirconium Crown Changing In Time?

It is applicable to any color of tooth. A tooth with a very dark color tone may be covered by a zirconium color of any color. The original color of the tooth will not affect the color of the crown. The zirconium crown will not change color for many years.

How Should The Teeth Be Cared After The Application?

You may brush your zirconium crowned teeth with normal toothbrushes. Dental flosses and super flosses are used for toothless locations. Any problem may be predicted and actions are taken during regular physician visits once every 6 months.


Depending on the brand we used the warranty time is appoximately 3 years.



We examine your teeth in detail and determine the procedure you need. Detailed examination provide us to see the best way for your oral health.


We scan your mouth digitally and prepare your crown in our laboratory (in-house) by using high-tech devices (in just 1 hour with CEREC) which assures the accuracy of your teeth (crown). Then our experienced dentists customize it to your face.


After crown treatment is done you can confidently use your new teeth considering your dentist’s advice.

Controls / Advice

You should have your teeth checked in every 6 months and be careful for the oral hygiene. Especially smoking should be avoided.

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