Cyst Treatments

Cyst Treatments

Cyst Treatments

A cyst is abnormal pathogenic structure that may develop in the tooth root or any location of the jaw bone. A cyst surgery is a mandatory operation. Unfortunately, use of medicine only will not deliver healing. Therefore, it must be precisely located and surgically removed by a maxillofacial surgeon from the location where it is. A cyst that develops in the mouth and on the jaw bone is in general a cyst caused by the teeth. Although it rarely develops in the oral cavity, it is possible that it may develop from the salivary glands and the soft tissues in the mouth.

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What Are The Indications Of A Cyst That Develops In The Mouth?

A cyst that develops on the jaw bone is indicated by pain, swelling on the jaw bone, and a flux pointing toward inside or outside the mouth. Sometimes, one may complain about numbness and burning due to the cyst contracting the nerve and, the teeth in the location where the cyst is may be oscillated. And sometimes, a cyst may develop inside the jaw bone without any indication at all. Therefore, it is important that one should regularly visit the dentist.

How Is The Cyst Treatment Applied?

A cyst is treated in 2 ways. The cyst is completely removed or the top of the cyst is opened to make it smaller and then it is removed. The way of treatment is decided based on the age of the patient, the location, size and type of the cyst. The cavity that is cleaned after the cyst has been removed is stitched and completely closed.

Is It Possible That A Cyst Re-Appears After The Operation?

A cyst does not in general re-appear and is completely healed after the treatment has been completed.

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